Online Training Material

ABAN is a partner and proud supporter of the African Angel Academy. The platform is an African-led initiative that aims to train and support African professionals and experienced entrepreneurs, to become confident and active angel investors, to support the next generation of African start-ups.  The African angel academy is a consortium project with the Viktoria Business Angel Network (VBAN) and Viridian.

ABAN also works closely with a number of experienced partners in making training material available to African investors including:

The EBAN Institute and Knowledge Centre

Go Beyond Learning


For the ‘how-to-guide’ on starting Angel Groups this publication by The World Bank is highly recomended:

A New ‘How-To’ Guide for Creating Angel Investor Groups for Emerging and Frontier Markets

Other online resources for investor training:

Angel Capital Association

Future Investor “Learn How to Angel Invest”


Please contact the ABAN team for further information.

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