ABAN Focus Areas

Programme, Research, and Partnerships Key Focus Areas

A: Awareness Building: Promote a culture of angel investing across the continent and beyond.

B: Capacity Building: training of individual Angel Investors, enable co-investing, exchange knowledge, and contribute to & initiate research. Make investors better investors.

C: Making Investing Easier: Help develop new instruments, lower barriers to entry, and help more investors become actively involved.

D: Advocacy: Represent Angel Investor networks and early stage investors across the continent; work with governments and other regulators to stimulate early stage investing, lobby for tax incentives, or similar schemes.

E: Cross-Pollination: Early stage investing does not happen in isolation. We are cooperating with accelerators, incubators, business schools, government bodies, and other ecosystem stakeholders to help maximise Africa’s entrepreneurial potential.

F: Helping to launch new networks: help develop new networks, support existing network,